Smoooothe, Jujujuju, Woooohohoho, Kraaaankes teil, Megaaaaa, Uuuuuh & Ojee

Floating on the strobe lights, smoke machines and sunrises you can feel the Jujujuju. Part time hippies say it feels the way love tastes; others just keep dancing. At German festivals such as Fusion, Garbicz and Sonne Mond & Sterne, people explode with feelings of Woooohohoho. You forget to take your beer when you’re lost in the Woo, but it’s a nice place to be lost — and Sebo takes you there. However, in the many club venues around Europe and the world; the old Bar 25, the new Katerblau and Watergate of Berlin, Frieda’s Büxe of Zurich, Maxim’s of Paris and Kloster in Istanbul, he’s all hypnotic trips of Smoooothe — you’re stuck in the groove with your moves.

Brazilians mostly use the word Megaaaaa to describe his sets. In countries like this, Sebo uses the nature to regenerate. Coconut water diets cleanse his sensitive aura with fresh Ojee and Jujujuju; enough to spread through every DJ set he plays and every track he releases on the very Kraaaankes teil label ‘URSL Records’ — the joint custody child he conceived with Madmotormiquel and Soukie & Windish.

Sebo is a guy filled with a super Smoooothe Woooohohoho that’s had people on clouds of Uuuuuh since before these words were words. Feel the Ojee, smell the Jujujuju.

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@aaryanmusic, happy to have you <3 Who is your favorite URSL artist? /// "My favorite URSL artist is @amount_ursl <3" Link in BioHey @jurek.riegler, thanks for joining us on our 10 Years trip. We were wondering how do you see the future of producing? How do you make use of technology? /// "I think the future of producing does not lie, as many listeners might assume, in a new form of sound synthesis or recording technology. In the future, everything will revolve around interfaces. It will become easier and easier to capture ideas even without a musical background. Maybe one day we will carry a small sound card in our heads and our steps will trigger the bass drum. My technical set up will not change that much for the time being. I work mainly software based. I usually use analog synths only when the arrangement is already set up - then I simply exchange certain sounds, which saves an incredible amount of time. At the moment I'm very interested in new midi controllers. For example, the guys from Vochlea allow you to trigger sounds using your own voice. Or products like Midi Guitar 2 or Jammy, which offer quite playable midi concepts for guitarists. There's a lot going on in this field at the moment, I'm curious to see what else is coming. " Link in Bio <3