-with tired eyes the world becomes different-

Over nearly a decade, NINZE & OKAXY established a significant and experimental sound which they also call 'Ketapop' by creating a spherical, yet melancholic atmosphere with a distinctive deepness and complex sound patterns. Noises from out of space and moving baselines stirring up the creatures who got lost in the duos slow sound, taking the audience to places where they haven’t been before and leaving them in gentle confusion. As part of the Laut&Luise family and doing their magic at their other live project Wide Awake, NINZE & OKAXY got to enchant the crowds all around Europe and from South to North America. Not only did the dyad gather impressions and inspiration from their various trips but also by working together with other artists such as Dwig, Christoph Schwarzwälder, Mira, Feathered Sun, Canson and Oceanvs Orientalis, constantly developing their sound to continue their musical journey. Since 2017 Ninze & Okaxy started their own event series called: 'Together' which is today on of the biggest parties of the Leipzig.
Furthermore they are were part of "Lush Life" and the “In Höchsten Höhen“ Crew, which are responsible for many memorable electronic parties & festivals around Leipzig in Germany.

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here comes the pre sale for @amount_ursl single "The Trip", which will be released on friday this week here on Ursl. We also have a very trippy "flight" video for the release, which you can also watch and enjoy on friday 30.10.22. Be aware to what's coming soon, there will follow a lot stuff more soon :). We would be happy about a comment and as always klick link in bio for the music. Meiers awesome Remix for Schtu found a way to the desert. Fresh out on URSL. 🔥link bio. #burningman