In Greek mythology, the greedy king Midas wished for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold.

As a self ironic take on this name, Willi Schumacher aka Midas 104 refines his insatiable thirst for new tones until a golden sound pours onto the dance floor.The young Berliner started to write lyrics and produce hiphop beats whilein High school. The combination of melodies, drums and bass-lines got him very excited at that time and slowly a small studio with synths and analogue toys began to develop in his lounge. As a runner in Berlin club ‘Kater Holzig’, he gained insight into the microcosmos of electronic dance music. It was there that he curiously listened to the sets of Kater’s DJs. He was most fascinatedin the music’s ability to transport mood and feelings without the usual misunderstandings of language.

Music has always been Midas’ form of expression and thus the hiphop producer moved to new shores: in the studio he experimented with his ownhouse beats and dealt intensively with harmonies. Quite soon his melancholic driving style of deep house crystallised and he found approval throughhis first releases on URSL, Einmusika, Dantze, Katermukke and Parquet. Music- wise,Midas captivates with his thoughtful arrangements of strong bassdrum, harmonic melodies and dreamy synths which he combines in thrillingarcs of suspense. Not being influenced by electro trends of recent years, the virtuosic newcomer wants honest sound: with soul and maturity he stimulates towards self-reflection and aims to bring the listener closer to himself— frequently leading to goose bump moments on the dance floor.Midas presents his meticulousness for producing in his atmospheric live sets which occur in cities all across Europe. Many see him as one of the most promising talents in the Berlin’s dance-music scene, and his tireless ambition has many looking forward to seeing just how far he will go.

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@aaryanmusic, happy to have you <3 Who is your favorite URSL artist? /// "My favorite URSL artist is @amount_ursl <3" Link in BioHey @jurek.riegler, thanks for joining us on our 10 Years trip. We were wondering how do you see the future of producing? How do you make use of technology? /// "I think the future of producing does not lie, as many listeners might assume, in a new form of sound synthesis or recording technology. In the future, everything will revolve around interfaces. It will become easier and easier to capture ideas even without a musical background. Maybe one day we will carry a small sound card in our heads and our steps will trigger the bass drum. My technical set up will not change that much for the time being. I work mainly software based. I usually use analog synths only when the arrangement is already set up - then I simply exchange certain sounds, which saves an incredible amount of time. At the moment I'm very interested in new midi controllers. For example, the guys from Vochlea allow you to trigger sounds using your own voice. Or products like Midi Guitar 2 or Jammy, which offer quite playable midi concepts for guitarists. There's a lot going on in this field at the moment, I'm curious to see what else is coming. " Link in Bio <3