If one is to believe Kotelett cruised as a sprote fisher on the high sea for years next to his collegue Zadak.

Together they discovered the seven seas and turned fallow water into surging waves, silent bays into bubbly shells and overturned lakes into fluorescent swimming pools. A far too smacking breeze and a rattling bass on deck blew our two old friends into different directions. Kotelett as usual thought he went deep down the rum cask but realised after sobering that he indeed pledged zadak to the tying company of fishernets. And after all sailor? The desk are still turning and at the peak of one’s voice scream out for full speed and foaming spume to discover new realms. In many panels of toy fish fans it is rumoured that a shimmering future is about to begin for the world of fish tanks.

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One of the best parts of making music is seeing your art finding it’s way to the people. You feel something very intimate and personal, carefully crafted in countless of hours by yourself, suddenly being revealed to an unknown crowd. Seeing alle the happy faces having a good time with it is just deeply satisfying. 🥲 Here are some impressions of “DART” getting around. “Jeff’s arrival” EP is out now (https://www.instagram.com/urslrec/) (link in bio)! 01. @mira_kater (https://www.instagram.com/mira_kater/) & @schwrzwldr (https://www.instagram.com/schwrzwldr/) at @wonderfruitfestival (https://www.instagram.com/wonderfruitfestival/) (Thailand) 🇹🇭 02. @schleifer.music (https://www.instagram.com/schleifer.music/) @kollektiv.sud (https://www.instagram.com/kollektiv.sud/) 🪩 #dancefloor #wonderfruit #djset #livedj #melodictechno #ursl #dart #theomeier #producerlife #electronicmusic #festival #clublife/) #musicproducer #viennaartistNew URSL Radio selected by Theo Meier online! Link in bio >> Theo Meier I Jeff‘s Arrival https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Ol8ojtYrw3XB9VZxjY7Gj?si=09045242c84248d4