AVEM's productions have been a staple of the alternative electronica and downtempo scene in the past years

The swiss musicians journey as a solo-artist starting alongside Dandara and Arutani, completing the trio that today leads their own Basel-based label named LOKD. Not only a record-label, but primarily an event collective, LOKD was and is the driving force in bringing a family of artists and friends together, creating something completely new; to the local, but also the international stage.

Starting off as a DJ, AVEM has been performing live-sets comprised of only his own productions since winter of 2018, premiering at Mira (Berlin)'s birthday in Kater Blau. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of music, AVEM's compositions are constructed with a meticulous variety of soundsources; from field recordings, to classic analog synthesizers, over to traditional instruments and percussion.

Some of the labels that paved the way of his discography are the following: Vienna-based Heimlich Musik, releasing Nuages EP and Halcyon EP; Berlin-based Underyourskin Records and URSL, where Nocturne and Reflections found their homes; finally not forgetting the homebase LOKD, featuring the adventurous Disco Days and repackaged singles of Long Lost. Countless remixes, singles, and non-Spotify releases are best found on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

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Easy street by Yoram remixed by Kotelett. Out now and Link in bio. 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄After his debut on URSL in September 2023, Amsterdam producer Yoram is back on URSL Records with some new concrete: “Easy Street” features Vaporwave elements that add to the dreaminess of the track. And since every road has a junction, “Easy Street” comes with a piano-heavy remix by the revival king of Italo disco Maltitz, as well as a House mouse version by Kotelett. Buckle up and enjoy the ride on Easy Street. Link bio or copy paste https://rb.gy/3xv79i