impenetrable forest . murmuring . jingeling . tingeling . yells . whispers . indiscribably lost . like a leave in the woods . meowing apes swing across my way . should take more of this soma stuff . 13°03’30.3″N 11°38’57.3″E . 13°C


Ost & Kjex

51°30’50.4″N 7°27’51.9″E . 32°C . coming home . arriving . somewhere . not here . all my desires come alive . simplified . surrendering . doing not feeling it . shattering . deep down . summon perfectio . perceptio omnia . repetentia . sabula ramsa extremola . exorbitant neuronal progression . or just an outstanding trip to this beautiful city


Amount & Schlepp Geist

34°40’13.8“N 75°12’07.9“E . 40°C . jittering . sirens . modulating my brain stream . beautyfull tinitus jet . unhuman voices from afar . dandleing swing . psycho-physiological rapture . all of a sudden entering state of absolute clearness . et perspicuitati conducit . knowing . truth . thoughtlessness . universe . space . worldpeace and so


Kotelett & Zadak

29°14’418“S 49°13’05.7“E . 36°C. schwapp. lummalumma choirs. thoughts singing. wonderfull fever. hello towers. wider. brighter. illumination. morbi cognitio: mentis confusione. maybe c20h25n3o. aha aha. socordia. awesome. what the. more must help. just a sip.

I Will Never Smile Again

Fat Cosmoe

Fat Cosmoe are providing for you a full and universal, cosmic sound. The listener could have a full immersion in the listening of the tracks; the music has to give to the audience the possibility to get lost in it, completely detaching him/herself in these few minutes from the daily living, to feel an emotion, a thrill, a suggestion to live it with a smile or a sense of anguish.
And it is a cheesecake like in our favourite restaurant, heavy but irresistible at the same time! 🙂


Edgar Peng

17°23’41.4“N 89°43’08.2“E . 13°C . upper north-east of kataboombia . ritualis illuminatio . rhythm . haze . fog waves . time twist . mind bent . head lost . space looped . pulsating . wobbering . bodies . limbs . one within all . no words . need more sambuca


Soukie & Windish

Soukie & Windish zeigen eine Sammlung von Themen und Zitaten, die ausdrückt was sie in der elektronischen Musik suchen, und abbildet, was sie bereits gefunden haben.

Winter Galactic

Various Artists

URSL goes Wintergalactic. Enjoy this collection of URSL’s coziest tracks. Including music by Nico Stojan, Rampue, Krink and many more.

The 4 Year Itch

Various Artists

URSL Records is becoming 4 years this april and we love to present you some of our favorite tracks we released during 4 years filled with lots of work, fun and many collaborations with awesome musicians. We like to say thank you, wish you some fun with this compilation and lift our glasses to the next 4 years.