House, New Disco and Techno Live Act


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You are left driving on the highway into the future within the smoke and strobes, or beneath clouds shaped like alpine trails into somewhere special with the people you love.


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David Dorad

It‘s as if his magic hand commands the art of splitting synapses and rejoining them as desired. That would put him ahead of most brain surgeons!


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Where the two actually originate, nobody knows for sure. Rumors have it that they once had a common love for sprat fishing and point their fateful meeting to somewhere on the North German Coast.


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Sometimes it’s our second name that becomes the one for which we’re known. This is true for Philipp Krink, whose surname and moniker as an electronic artist has seen him travelling the globe with his sets of clean, deep grooves and melancholy colours.


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Kuriose Naturale

4 arms & 4 legs in two shapes


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Floating on the strobe lights, smoke machines and sunrises you can feel the Jujujuju. Part time hippies say it feels the way love tastes; others just keep dancing. At German festivals such as Fusion, Garbicz and Sonne Mond & Sterne, people explode with feelings of Woooohohoho.


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Soukie & Windish

Soukie & Windish are Right Now and Beyond.


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